About us

Empowering Providers, Enhancing Revenue: SquadRCM’s Commitment to Streamlined Healthcare Operations

Our Strengths & Expertise​

  • 360* Revenue Cycle Management : At SquadRCM, we are a leading provider of comprehensive revenue cycle management services. Whether you’re a hospital, physician, independent lab, or a practice, we are dedicated to reducing your cost of collection, improving efficiency, increasing cash flow, and enhancing patient satisfaction.                                                               
  • Expert Assistance : With extensive industry knowledge and experience, SquadRCM is your trusted partner for setting up new labs, establishing practices, or optimizing existing ones. We offer tailored billing, coding, and credentialing solutions that align with your unique requirements, resulting in a significant increase in collections by 10-20%.                                                                                      
  • Account Receivables Follow-up : Understanding the critical role of account receivables in cash flow, SquadRCM emphasizes diligent and proactive follow-up efforts to effectively manage aged AR. Our reliable services ensure that all services rendered are fully and promptly paid for. Additionally, we provide customized plans to help practices recover legacy AR when migrating to different EHR and billing platforms.

Why Choose Us?

  • Market Leaders: SquadRCM is a trusted market leader with extensive expertise and experience in revenue cycle management.

  • End-to-End Solutions: We offer comprehensive services, covering billing, coding, credentialing, and account receivables follow-up, ensuring a streamlined revenue cycle.

  • Cost-Efficient Approach: Our focus is on reducing costs and improving efficiency through optimized processes and advanced technology.

  • Increased Cash Flow: We prioritize prompt payment posting, proactive denial management, and rigorous follow-up to enhance your cash flow.

  • Patient Satisfaction: By minimizing errors and providing transparent communication, we contribute to positive patient experiences.

  • Customized Support: We provide tailored solutions that address your unique needs, ensuring personalized support and delivering results.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance: Protecting Your Privacy and Security

At SquadRCM, we prioritize the highest standards of HIPAA compliance to safeguard your sensitive healthcare information. Rest assured that your privacy and security are our utmost concern.

  • Robust Security: We implement stringent measures to protect your sensitive healthcare information.

  • Trained Staff: Our certified team ensures HIPAA compliance and handles your data with care.

  • Secure Data Handling: We follow best practices to securely transmit, store, and control access to your information.

  • Business Associate Agreements: We establish comprehensive agreements with partners to ensure their compliance.

  • Ongoing Audits: We regularly assess and improve our practices to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Trust SquadRCM for privacy-focused and secure handling of your healthcare information

Our Work Process

  • Comprehensive Patient Data Capture: Precise collection of patient information, including demographics and insurance details, to establish a solid foundation for billing.

  • Accurate Coding and Documentation: Meticulous review of medical records, assigning appropriate codes, and ensuring compliance with industry standards for precise billing and reduced claim rejections.

  • Streamlined Claims Submission and Follow-up: Electronic claim submission, proactive monitoring, and diligent follow-up to expedite reimbursement and minimize delays.

  • Efficient Payment Posting and Revenue Analysis: Prompt posting of payments to patient accounts, ensuring accurate financial records, and leveraging revenue analysis to identify optimization opportunities.

  • Proactive Denial Management and Appeals: Swift identification and resolution of claim denials, conducting thorough investigations, and filing appeals to maximize revenue recovery.

  • Actionable Reporting and Analytics: Comprehensive reports and analytics providing valuable insights into financial performance, claim status, and revenue projections, empowering informed decision-making for financial success.