• Gathering Data & Contract
  • Connectivity & Implementation
  • Execution & Delivery
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RCM management is a multi-step process. SquadRCM recommends outsourcing the RCM processes (from patient enrollment and eligibility verification to charge capture, billing and coding, claim submission, and collections) in multiple phases to ensure easy transition with zero disruption.

Business Qualification

Identifying your needs is step one. We listen to your concerns, evaluate your current methods, and understand the scope and requirements

We gather data looking at your top error reports, segments and analyze CCR data and identify improvement opportunities. We build an action plan for resolution. We propose and sign contract with SLA and pricing.

We connect to your billing system through secured VPN. Some knowledge transfer happens at this point. We do a test run and evaluate the pilot run and make adjustments.

Outsourced RCM processes start running like a well-oiled machine. Weekly reports are produced measuring and analyzing the status of important financial parameters like DRO, Collection on Day of Service, Average Collection Rate, etc.